This shows the top bar of FAQ boxes as on the top of this page: All FAQs. There are probably not many use cases for this plugin. Most pages that would require this plugin already have it applied.

FAQ Catergories Questions

Live Online Seminars FAQs

Registration & Tuition FAQs

Self-Paced Online Seminars FAQs

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Self-Paced Online Seminars FAQs

FAQ Category Questions

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This shows all of the FAQs for a specific Course Type (in this case Self-Paced Online Seminars) and would look like the FAQs on this page: Self-Paced Online Seminars FAQs. There aren’t many uses for this plugin. It would be better to link to the specific Course Type FAQ page (in this case Self-Paced Online Seminars): Self-Paced Online Seminars FAQs.

Here is a list of the Course Categories that can be usedIn-House Seminars & Trainings – in-house-seminars-trainings

  • In-Person Public Seminar – public-seminars
  • Live Online Seminars – live-online-seminars
  • Self-Paced Online Seminars – on-demand-courses
  • Webinar (Moderated & Live) Courses – webinar-courses
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