Revising Corporate and Other Documents

LawProse often helps draft and revise legal documents. Our staff attorneys and consultants bring to these projects the solid principles taught at LawProse seminars: crisply highlighted ideas, sentences with punch, logically organized content, and a polished product that looks as good as it reads. To ensure the quality of our work, at least three people on staff review and improve each page of the project’s draft under the lead attorney’s supervision. Throughout the process, Bryan Garner offers his insight, checks the progress, and personally decides when the work meets his standards.

LawProse also helps corporate clients revise their contracts and consumer materials. We approach each task with the main goals of organizing the material logically and presenting it in plain English—all with an eye to judicial canons of construction and how courts will interpret the documents.

Our revisory work has included:

  • model apartment leases now used in most states;
  • consumer warranties for a major car manufacturer;
  • card-acceptance contracts for a major credit-card company;
  • consumer-information materials for a large home-builder;
  • resellers’ contracts for an international telecommunications manufacturer;
  • a customer-service agreement for a provider of local telephone service;
  • sponsorship contracts for a major soft-drink company;
  • form wills and trusts;
  • class-action notices;
  • click-wrap agreements;
  • shrink-wrap licenses;
  • client-disclosure brochures for a worldwide investment firm;
  • court rules at the state and federal levels; and
  • the civil and criminal jury instructions for the State of Delaware.

To find out about LawProse’s availability to revise your documents, email Karolyne Cheng at

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