The Redbook (half-day)

The Redbook (half-day)

The Redbook (half-day)

Every law office needs expertise—true expertise—on producing first-rate documents: letters, contracts, motions, and appellate briefs.

You have that, you say? Likely not: errors abound, often costly ones. Garner’s seen them, even in the best firms’ work product.

Using the new third edition of his comprehensive restatement of legal style, The Redbook, Garner will teach you to:

  • Make fast and reliable decisions about all your legal documents.
  • Cultivate confidence in solving editorial problems peculiar to legal writing.
  • Produce documents that reflect well on you and your firm.
  • Become more knowledgeable about the nuances of legal usage.

Read for yourself what people are saying about Professor Garner’s Redbook seminar in their evaluations:

What was really helpful?

  • Very helpful. Absolutely useful and practical.
  • Great info. Great delivery. Good sense of humor!
  • Bryan makes the subject fun and approachable.
  • Hands-on, using the exercises through the Redbook itself to learn its main features and sections.
  • Everything! My writing skills are in desperate need of help, I will use the book in practice and improve my skills.
  • Learning how to best use the book.
  • Especially the templates.
  • Wonderful references and easily accessible points.
  • Learning how to use this book. I’ll be using it now on a daily basis.
  • Just having some reference to go to find the answer in.
  • How to better use the book will make me more efficient.
  • It’s the best CLE I’ve ever attended.
  • I think it is great to have a useful resource to support my writing.
  • I’ve used the Redbook in the past, but it was helpful to walk through it together.
  • The ability to use the Redbook effectively will be invaluable.

What would you tell your colleagues about this course?

  • It is simply amazing to learn the practical approach to legal writing with Bryan Garner.
  • Best investment they could make in a CLE. I wish this course could have been available to me as a law student.
  • It’s a must-attend.
  • This course should be mandatory for all new (and old) lawyers.
  • He [Bryan] makes it fun and interesting.
  • It’s an indispensible course. Really good.
  • Bryan makes the subject fun. He has great ideas for bringing uniformity, clarity, and credibility to the written work product.
  • I believe my colleagues would benefit from this course.
  • The Redbook itself was worth the whole day.
  • Highly recommend it.
  • Excellent course. Take it earlier in your career so you avoid making the mistakes that are learned and handed down as “the way it should be done.”
  • Absolutely worth it. I look forward to improved writing.
  • “I told you that you can’t do that, Bryan Garner says so.”

LawProse Policy on In-House CLE Credit

Under state-bar rules, the hosting group is the proper applicant for CLE accreditation. We will supply you with the necessary attachments CLE applications require.

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