High-Stakes Briefing & Appellate Briefing

Over the years we’ve helped many legal teams rethink and rewrite their appellate briefs, typically in lawsuits with large numbers on the line. With some bet-the-company cases under our belt, we’ve enjoyed working with cocounsel from around the world and from an array of firms.

Briefs and written submissions are ever so much more important than oral presentations. Only about 5%–10% of the dispositions are affected by oral presentations. It’s therefore crucial that the arguments be sophisticated, sound, well structured, and compelling. That’s our specialty—especially when it comes to statutory construction and contract interpretation.

For high-stakes appeals, we impanel a focus group of seasoned practitioners sworn to confidentiality to help us evaluate the merits. These collaborative efforts have paid off—and even prevented one Fortune 100 company’s bankruptcy. Our briefs have involved diverse areas of law, including:

  • administrative law;
  • arbitration;
  • corporate law;
  • environmental law;
  • insurance;
  • legal ethics; and
  • oil and gas.

If you’ve never experienced a LawProse reworking of your brief, you’ll soon find that it’s a benefit you couldn’t have envisioned.

To find out about LawProse’s availability to help revise your brief, email Karolyne Cheng at info@lawprose.org.

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