Advanced Transactional Drafting

Advanced Transactional Drafting

Advanced Transactional Drafting

Transactional lawyers praise this course for helping them with everything from licensing agreements to acquisitions to wills and trusts.

The emphasis is on the practicalities of contract–drafting that most law schools fail to teach. You’ll learn how to prepare legal documents that don’t merely stand up in court but preclude litigation in the first place because of their unmistakable meaning.

Bryan Garner is the drafter entrusted by many Fortune 500 companies to revise their most important contracts. The United States Judicial Conference selected him to redraft federal rules, and the American Law Institute had him revise its bylaws and council rules.

Even the most experienced drafters consistently say that Garner’s methods have improved their contracts more than any other educational experience they have had.

As usual, Garner provides eye-opening examples and lots of good forms.

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