Ethical Communications (half-day)

Ethical Communications (half-day)

Ethical Communications

A two-part course (in one-hour segments) in which Bryan A. Garner, the foremost living expert on legal writing, guides you through the ethical rules governing every aspect of lawyers’ speech and writing. Professor Garner focuses on the many types of lawyerly communications—with clients, with courts, with opposing counsel, with the public, and more.

YouTube Video – Ethical Communications for Lawyers, Sample Segment

Read for yourself what people are saying about Professor Garner’s Ethical Communications seminar in their evaluations:

What was really helpful? Why?

  • “I appreciate the organization of the book, what a great idea! I can see this will be a great reference.”
  • “Nice conversational and relaxed way to examine the rules.”
  • “It’s good to be reminded to be careful of these rules and not to become relaxed during the course of practice.”

LawProse Policy on In-House CLE Credit

Under state-bar rules, the hosting group is the proper applicant for CLE accreditation. We will supply you with the necessary attachments CLE applications require.

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