Drafting & Editing Contracts (half-day)

Drafting & Editing Contracts (half-day)

Garner's Coursebook for Drafting and Editing Contracts, 2019

This seminar uses for its text Garner’s Coursebook on Drafting and Editing Contracts, which is the most extensive, in-depth treatment of Professor Garner’s contractual-drafting teachings. It addresses every important issue of contract drafting, from dating contracts to writing individual provisions to defining terms to ordering syntactic parts. In this course, Garner extends his teaching beyond his Advanced Transactional Drafting. The coursebook is rich with exercises, several of which Garner leads participants through.

LawProse Policy on In-House CLE Credit

Under state-bar rules, the hosting group is the proper applicant for CLE accreditation. We will supply you with the necessary attachments CLE applications require.

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