I have someone who is registered as an additional-viewer to watch with the group today. I just heard that she cannot make the seminar. Can I upgrade her to a primary-license holder for her to watch when she can, or do you have another suggestion so she can watch with the rest of the group?

Please have her set up her own account on the e-learning site. Once we hear from you that she’s set up her account, we’ll add the seminar to her account and send you an invoice for the difference between the primary license and the additional-viewer license. She’ll have the standard license window to complete the seminar from the date the seminar is added to her account.

For questions about the standard license window, please see the pdf course description on our website or on the e-learning site. Typically, the window is 30 days from the date of purchase. Please double-check the specific license you’re issued.

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