I just registered for the seminar. What happens now?

I just registered for the seminar. What happens now?

You’ll receive a confirmation from our office with a detailed attachment of the seminar’s information, including steps for logging in to the seminar, CLE-credit information, seminar schedule, and other helpful guidance. 

Two weeks before your seminar date.

Address-verification email.

Thirteen days before your seminar, you’ll receive an address-verification email asking you to verify your shipping address for your coursebook. We’ll supply the address we have on file from your registration and ask you correct or confirm the address. If you’d like to change this, please respond to the email ASAP so we can ensure the book is shipped to the best address for you.

If we ship the book to the address provided in your registration and you it is the wrong/old address for you and you did not provide corrected information in a timely response to the address-verification email, there is a $350 fee to get a new coursebook out to you to the corrected address while we try and retrieve the other book. Unfortunately, refunds or switching to self-paced seminars are not options if the coursebook was shipped to the address provided in your registration and it is a(n) wrong/old address for you and you choose to not pay the book-replacement fee.

The hardcopy coursebook is a required text for participating in the seminar. Professor Garner works heavily from the book during the class. If you don’t have it with you, you will be lost from the beginning. Writing exercises and other exercises require you to work in the book.

There will be a sticky note on the coursebook’s cover that reminds you to have the book with you for the seminar. To put it simply: no book, no seminar.

We make this point in seminar-related emails hoping to avoid the morning-of panic of participants not having their books and being lost from the beginning of the class.

Coursebooks start shipping out later that week. We’ll link your email address to the FedEx delivery notices and also send you an email with the FedEx details. If your book is going out by USPS, we’ll send you the Priority Mail tracking information.

Link to seminar’s calendar invitation included in the address-verification email.

The email includes a link for you to download the calendar invitation with the login details. If your firewall doesn’t allow you to copy the calendar invitation, you can use the seminar-login details listed in the email’s lower half to create your own calendar reminder.

We’ll also send out a seminar-reminder email at 7:00 a.m. CT on the seminar day with login details to make it easy for you. And it’ll be near the top of your inbox to make it easy to find.

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