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This can be found on the individual courses pages Self-Paced Online Semanars. This shortcode will display all of the courses for that course type. If no slug=”” is used, then the plugin will default to Self-Paced Online Seminars. To dictate which set of Course Category information to use you would type in slug=”INSERT COURSE CATEGORY HERE”: (show_courses slug=”live-online-seminars”).

[show_courses slug="live-online-seminars"]

Here is a list of the Course Categories that can be used:

  • In-House Seminars & Trainings – in-house-seminars-trainings
  • In-Person Public Seminar – public-seminars
  • Live Online Seminars – live-online-seminars
  • Self-Paced Online Seminars – on-demand-courses
  • Webinar (Moderated & Live) Courses – webinar-courses
[show_courses slug="in-house-seminars-trainings"]
[show_courses slug="public-seminars"]
[show_courses slug="on-demand-courses"]
[show_courses slug="webinar-courses"]
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