The Legal-Writing Skills Test

The Legal-Writing Skills Test

The Legal-Writing Skills Test - Self-Paced Online Seminars - LawProse

A lawyer’s skills can be assessed—and they should be from time to time. Otherwise, there’s little use in cultivating them, and you’ll never know to what degree you’ve succeeded—or failed. This straightforward test will evaluate your writing skills and highlight where improvements can be made. As with his other testing programs, Professor Garner crafts his test in such a way that there is a definitive correct answer to each question and uses the hour-long session to explain the correct answers. Many lawyers have found these testing sessions so helpful that they have gone back for on-demand versions of earlier sessions they’ve missed.

This test will aid professional writers, such as lawyers, to evaluate and cultivate their writing prowess. We ask that all participants complete the test before starting the session. Professor Garner will walk through each question and talk through the answers with the participants. This teaching method is much more effective than sending out an answer key and having participants review the answers on their own.

Seminar Specifications

Seminar Length

60 minutes (total video length)

License Window

30 days from date of license purchase.

Production Date

January 19, 2011; Full review: November 30, 2020

Live, interactive function

Call or email us with questions at LawProse

Seminar Format

Print out Skills Test (course material PDF)
Complete the quiz and then continue on to the seminar videos.

Seminar Content Tree
(seminar module)

  • Directions
  • Course Material (Skills Test PDF)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
  • LWST Part 1 (video 1 of 3)
  • First Quiz
  • LWST Part 2 (video 2 of 3)
  • Second Quiz
  • LWST Part 3 (video 3 of 3)
  • Final Quiz
  • Code Word
  • Answer Key (PDF)

CLE State Approvals


Please send your California Bar number, seminar-completion date, seminar name, and code word to to receive a California CLE Certificate from LawProse.


Please send your Texas Bar number, seminar-completion date, seminar name, and code word to LawProse will report your CLE credit directly to the Texas Bar.

LawProse Policy on CLE Credit

Please check with your state bar to see whether web seminars qualify.

We are accredited CLE providers for online training in California and Texas.

Texas credit: Email your name, Texas Bar number, seminar name, and the date of completion to We’ll report your credit within the next five days.

California certificate: Email your name, California Bar number, seminar name, and the date of completion to We’ll send you a California CLE Certificate for your self-reporting records within the next five days.

If you’re seeking credit elsewhere, please take the certificate of attendance from the program to use as part of your application for credit to your state bar. Please check with your state bar to see whether web seminars qualify.

Want more focused training on specific legal-writing skills? Professor Bryan A. Garner has created over 40 hours here for you. Learn the skills of legal writing and take the mystery out of the art.

Discounts & Watching as a Group

Discounts are available as additional-viewer licenses. These are for groups simultaneously viewing a self-paced online seminar using one computer connection. When one participant pays the full list price, each additional viewer pays for an additional-viewer license—again, if all registrants view on one screen together. You can register your group by calling LawProse at 214-691-8588 or emailing or directly on our e-learning site.

Please note that the list price is for the purchase of a primary-viewer license (an individual license for a single viewing by a single viewer). You may purchase additional additional-viewer licenses that are priced at a discounted tuition rate on our e-learning site or contacting us at 214-691-8588. We ask for your cooperation in protecting our intellectual-property rights. We’re happy to help direct you to any particular course topic you’re looking for, to discuss group pricing, and to answer any other questions you may have.

Please see our FAQs on Self-Paced Online Seminars.

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