Advanced Legal Writing & Editing (Live Online)

Advanced Legal Writing & Editing (Live Online)

Advanced Legal Writing & Editing

Regular registration closes 8 business days before seminar date.

Our most popular seminar focuses on analytical and persuasive writing.

Professor Garner gives you the keys to make the most of your writing aptitude—in letters, memos, briefs, and more. The seminar covers five essential skills for persuasive writing:

  • framing issues that arrest the readers’ attention;
  • cutting wordiness that wastes readers’ time;
  • using transitions deftly to make your arguments flow;
  • quoting authority more effectively; and
  • tackling your writing projects more efficiently.

Professor Garner teaches dozens of techniques that make a big difference. Most important, he shows you what doesn’t work—and why—and how to cultivate true skill.

To practice what you’re learning, you’ll work on several short but challenging exercises throughout the day.

LawProse Policy on CLE Credit

For this live online seminar on Advanced Legal Writing & Editing, the chart below has all states where the seminar has been preapproved.

2024 Advanced Legal Writing & Editing

CLE Credits

March 21
March 28
April 4
April 11
April 18
August 22
August 28
September 5
September 12
September 19
September 26
October 3
October 10
October 17
(5 hours)
(5 hours)
LawProse will send you a packet for your application to the State Bar of Arizona.
(5 hours)
(5 hours)
LawProse will send you a packet for your application to the Colorado Supreme Court.
(5 hours)
(5 hours)
LawProse will send you a packet for your application to the Delaware Supreme Court.
(6 hours)
(5 hours)
(5 hours)
(5 hours)
(6 hours)
(5 hours)
(5 hours)
(6 hours)
(5 hours)
LawProse will send you a packet for your application to the State Bar of Nevada.
New Jersey
(6 hours)
New York
(6 hours Skills)
LawProse will send you a packet for your self-reporting to NY CLE.
North Dakota**
(5 hours)
LawProse will send you a packet for your application to the State Bar Association of North Dakota.
(5 hours)
(6 hours)
(5 hours)
LawProse will send you a packet for your application to the Oregon State Bar.
(5.5 hours)
(5 hours)
(5.5 hours + 0.5 ethics)
(5 hours)
LawProse will send you a packet for your application to the Utah State Bar.
(5 hours)
(5 hours)

* Credit available under Approved-Jurisdiction Policy. You'll receive a packet for your self-reporting file.

** You'll receive a packet to use for your application to your accrediting organization.

If we don’t have CLE credit available for your state, you can still apply to your Bar for credit. At the end of the seminar, you’ll receive an email with:

  • seminar description with time agenda;
  • seminar brochure;
  • Professor Bryan A. Garner’s CV; and
  • LawProse Certificate of Completion.

You can take these attachments and use them to apply for credit with your state Bar.

Read for yourself what people are saying about Professor Garner’s Advanced Legal Writing & Editing seminar in their evaluations:

What was really helpful? Why?

  • “The many examples in the book and lists of rules. The examples show successful writing to evaluate.”
  • “The step-by-step approach to issue framing is excellent.”
  • “His focus on key principles—easier to remember than many details.”
  • “Good and practical ideas with real advice on how to use them. For example, many people recommend books on usage but never suggest how to use them.”
  • “Practical & Empowering.”
  • “Framing the issues. I didn’t realize how much more I needed practice with this.”
  • “Very well defined subjects; excellent and understandable speaker; exciting materials and examples. Enjoyed the refreshing approach to writing.
  • “Everything—the book, the interviews, the exercises—this is by far the very best CLE I’ve ever taken!”
  • “Everything. Without a doubt, the most useful and inspiring seminar I have ever taken.”
  • “The materials, comic relief, and hands-on exercises.”
  • “Writing exercises. Lecture. Short sweet themes and points are useful takeaways.”
  • “The focus on deep issues. It is central to writing effectively.”
  • “Provided both high-level organizational recommendations and identified common errors to be corrected to improve style.”
  • “The entire seminar in presented in a cogent, logical manner.”
  • “I typically hate these seminars but this was fantastic.”
  • “The entire seminar was helpful. It helps you look at things from a fresh perspective.”
  • “Style of presenter. Challenges seminar participants.”
  • “Bryan Garner really hit on the most common flaws in legal writing and showed us how to eliminate them in a way that was readily understandable. In-class exercises were helpful.”
  • “The learn-by-doing approach was the most helpful aspect of the seminar.”
  • “It deconstructed a lot of the illusions of legal writing.”
  • “I came today very frustrated with the writing process and found the course very helpful; especially the in-class writing exercises.”
  • “The issue-framing portion of the seminar was most beneficial for me. I will never start a brief the old way again.”
  • “Numerous reasons. I will use my notes and coursebook and ‘homework’ to improve my writing and my practice.”
  • “How to cut out legalese, because it reminded me of bad habits to break. How to outline and compose, because it will make me a more thoughtful and thorough writer.”
  • “Finally, a sensible writer trying to help dysfunctional writers hone the craft.”

What could you have done without? Why?

  • “Everything seemed relevant to me. I wouldn’t drop anything.”
  • “Nothing.”
  • “I enjoyed all aspects.”
  • “Actually, nothing. I thought the concepts were just right for one day.”
  • “Cookie @ lunch.”

What would you tell your colleagues about this course?

  • “Sent an email to my supervising and managing partners right after the first break to encourage future enrollment…for everyone! Thank you! Worth the money and the time!”
  • “This is a ‘must take’ CLE for attorneys in all areas of practice and with any level of experience.”
  • “You have to go.”
  • “Excellent—take it. Wish I took it at the start of my career.”
  • “Return student—a pleasure to hear the master again!”
  • “Useful, engaging, informative and entertaining. More important—the whirley-bird method alone was worth the cost of the program.”
  • “The course breaks down simple rules and provides you with confidence that you can be a better writer/editor and even possibly a better communicator and conversationalist.”
  • “Best seminar I’ve ever attended, by far (in practice for 27 years).”
  • “It should be mandatory.”
  • “I attended a workshop taught by Mr. Garner several years ago and was delighted to learn he has returned to town. This workshop is a valuable investment in yourself and will benefit those you serve.”
  • “I will recommend this course to all of my colleagues. I believe it is useful for new lawyers as well as more experienced ones. Everyone can take something new from this seminar.”
  • “That they should come as often as possible. I’ll be back.”
  • “Worth the time and money.”
  • “It should be required for the partners whose rigid writing perpetuates most of the bad habits we’re trying to break.”
  • “Everyone should attend at least once. People who do a lot of writing should repeat every few years.”
  • “That it is a must for anyone wanting to improve their writing.”
  • “Should be mandatory.”
  • “Take it! It’s the best means of writing improvement.”
  • “Excellent and thought-provoking seminar.”
  • “Great way to spend a day learning.”
  • “Excellent educational resource to improve writing.”
  • “Attend, regardless of experience or skill level.”
  • “Unlike most CLE courses this course is actually useful and teaches you skills that you can start using the next day. Mr. Garner is also extremely engaging.”
  • “Take it!”
  • “Excellent. Eye-opening.”
  • “Attend.”
  • “A must if you do any legal writing.”
  • “This is a must for everyone in our field.”
  • “Great ideas and techniques to make writing easier and better.”
  • “Go to it—I’d also send business people (non-lawyers) who need to be persuasive and clear in their writing.”
  • “It is a great tool for advancing one’s writing by learning techniques one is not used to.”
  • “Don’t miss this!”
  • “Please attend! I plan to raise this to my practice group.”
  • “I plan to tell everyone in my office, including those who’ve been practicing for 30 years.”
  • “Definitely take it as soon as possible.”
  • “I would tell them to take it as soon as possible. This was the best CLE I’ve ever attended.”
  • “Great. Should participate—especially if graduated from law school more than 5 years ago. Things have changed.”
  • “Yes—and that’s really something. I usually don’t find these useful.”
  • “Worthwhile for both novice and experienced writers.”
  • “One of the best CLEs I have ever attended.”
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