The Legal-Writing Skills Test

A lawyer's skills can be assessed—and they should be from time to time. Otherwise, there's little use in cultivating them, and you'll never know to what degree you've succeeded—or failed. This straightforward test will evaluate your writing skills and highlight where improvements can be made. As with his other testing programs, Mr. Garner crafts his test in such a way that there is a definitive correct answer to each question and uses the hour-long session to explain the correct answers. Many attorneys have found these testing sessions so helpful that they have gone back for on-demand versions of earlier sessions they've missed. This test will aid professional writers, such as attorneys, to evaluate and cultivate their writing prowess. We ask that all participants complete the test before starting the session. Mr. Garner will walk through each question and talk through the answers with the participants. This teaching method is much more effective than sending out an answer key and having participants review the answers on their own.

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