Other Shortcodes


  • This will display all brochures organized by calendar year.
  • This can be found on Brochures

Brochures – Season

[brochures type="Spring"]
  • The two options are year or season
  • The default option is year so either of these two options would work for year
    • (brochures)
    • (brochures type=”year”)
  • If season is selected, the brochures will be organized by the following Seminar Seasons
    • Fall
    • Summer
    • Spring


  • This shortcode is used to display the calendar and can be found on Calendar

Join Email Lists



Join Email Lists – Extended Bar

[join_email_lists type=”extended”]

[join_email_lists type="extended"]

Join Email Lists – Large Bar

[join_email_lists type=”large”]

[join_email_lists type="large"]

Courses Small Bar



This was used on the courses pages (Better Brief Writing) it has been replaced by box_icons_10_10_21. This plugin can also be used with a slug=”Course Type Here”. If there is no course type, it will default to Self-Paced Online Seminars.

[courses_small_bar slug=”live-online-seminars”]

[courses_small_bar slug="live-online-seminars"]

[courses_small_bar slug=”public-seminars”]

[courses_small_bar slug="public-seminars"]

[courses_small_bar slug=”in-house-seminars-trainings”]

[courses_small_bar slug="in-house-seminars-trainings"]
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