Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: Miscellaneous Entries

Miscellaneous Entries zetetic; *zetetick. The adjective meaning “proceeding by inquiry or investigation” is preferably spelled “zetetic” (OED & W3). The Center for Scientific Anomalies at Eastern Michigan University publishes a journal called The Zetetic Scholar, devoted to the skeptical analysis of paranormal claims. zibeline (= of or relating to sables) is the preferred spelling. *”Zibelline” is a variant. The word is pronounced /ZIB-uh-liyn/ or /-leen/. zinc, vb. (= to coat with zinc), makes “zincked” and “zincking.” zither (= a type of stringed instrument) is the standard spelling. *”Zithern” is a variant. *Invariably inferior form. For more information about the Language-Change Index click here. Quotation of the Day: “The degradation and deterioration of the language become, though always losses, the source of new gains.” Christopher Ricks, “American English and the Inherently Transitory,” in The Force of Poetry 417, 425 (1984).
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