A Handbook of Basic Law Terms

A Handbook of Basic Law Terms

A Handbook of Basic Law Terms

(West Group, 1999)

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An excellent start in learning about any discipline is learning the vocabulary. This book might be called a dictionary of legal literacy: it contains the most important and most common words and phrases used in law. These terms denote fundamental legal concepts.

Whether you use this Handbook as a vocabulary-builder or as a quick reference, you’ll find it helpful.

Who better than Professor Miller to opine on this book?

“An invaluable work. This handy book puts at everyone’s fingertips the most important words of the law in a way that is both comprehensive and helpful. Anyone going through one of life’s many adventures with the law—buying a home, making a will, getting married, getting divorced, even just reading a good crime novel—will get invaluable assistance from the pages of this Handbook of Basic Law Terms.” — Professor Arthur Miller, Harvard Law School

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