Group Discounts

Group Discounts

(Webinar (Moderated & Live) Courses)

Discounts are available for group registrations. A group consists of two or more attendees together in one room using one login connection. When one attendee pays the full tuition rate for a primary license, each additional attendee will receive a discounted tuition rate. Each group-registration discount is determined per course.

For more information, please email us ( with the course you’re considering for group viewing and also how many people you estimate for your group.

The listed tuition for the purchase of a primary license is for a single viewing by a single person. You may purchase additional-viewer licenses for a discounted tuition rate if the additional viewing occurs when someone watches with the primary-license holder.

We thank you for helping us protect our intellectual-property rights by abiding by our policies. It’s our pleasure to help direct you to any particular course topic you’re looking for. Thank you.

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