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Something in the Way

RosePen Books, an imprint of LawProse Inc., announces the release of Bebe Bralley’s Something in the Way, the poignant, courageous story of a wife bravely helping her husband cope with Alzheimer’s disease. In fall 2007, Bebe begins to notice that her husband, Bill, is acting strange. First it’s just little things: losing the truck keys again and again, forgetting where he’s always kept his hairbrush. Then he’s hiding the keys all over the house, stuffing the hairbrushes into his slippers (where burglars won’t find them), and flying into a rage when he can’t start the truck with his pocket knife. Soon he can’t bathe himself or tell his home from a hotel. Doctors confirm Bebe’s worst fears: Bill is already in the late stages of Alzheimer’s. In this moving account of the last years of Bill’s life, Bebe records the details of these visits, from the time she first noticed the changes in Bill until his last days. Something in the Way is a wife’s honest, unflinching memoir about the final journey with her husband of 58 years. The book contains an introductory essay by Professor Gary T. Garner, Bill’s lifelong friend, who recounts the kind of young man Bill was as a teenager in the late 1940s. It also includes an afterword by noted Alzheimer’s expert Dr. Loralu Raburn, who discusses the science behind our understanding of the disease and puts Bill and Bebe’s experience into a larger context. The book will be of great interest to those with friends and family members suffering from Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia—as well as to nurses, physicians, and other caregivers. Something in the Way chronicles the disease in a way that no real-life account has done before. It is honest. It is sobering. And above all, it is touching. A true love story. Something in the Way is available now in paperback and as a Kindle e-book on and is coming soon to booksellers nationwide. Contact:  RosePen Books Karolyne H.C. Garner 14180 Dallas Parkway, Ste. 280 Dallas, TX 75254 (214) 691-8588
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