Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: take.

“Take is inflected “take/took/taken.” The form *"tooken" is low dialect. It occasionally shows up in quoted speech — e.g.: o “And how he absolutely hated ‘to get tooken [read ‘taken’] out of a ball game.'” Garret Mathews, “Ol’ Diz Would Have Struck Out in Broadcasting Today,” Evansville Courier & Press, 22 Jan. 1999, at B1 (quoting Dizzy Dean). o “Testimony showed Sokolowski told another man he ‘had tooken [read ‘taken’] care of’ Ellwood.” “Sentence Upheld in Grisly Murder,” News & Record (Greensboro), 4 Dec. 1999, at B6C. Language-Change Index — *"tooken": Stage 1. *Invariably inferior form. ——————– Quotation of the Day: “I write every paragraph four times — once to get my meaning down, once to put in anything I have left out, once to take out anything that seems unnecessary, and once to make the whole thing sound as if I had only just thought of it.” Margery Allingham (as quoted in Paul R. Reynolds, The Writing and Selling of Non-Fiction 31 (1963)).
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