Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: *self-admitted.

*self-admitted. *"Self-admitted," like *”self-confessed,” is a redundancy — e.g.: o “Hawkes is a self-admitted [read ‘an admitted’] toy buff.” Amy Wu, “Toycrafter Sales Spinning Up,” Rochester Democrat & Chron., 21 Dec. 2002, at D9. o “He’s commercially successful — selling just about everything he paints — and a self-admitted [read ‘self-described’ or delete ‘self-admitted’] happy man.” Scarlet Cheng, “A Life Rich in Possibilities,” L.A. Times, 18 Jan. 2003, at E1. Language-Change Index — *"self-admitted" for “admitted”: Stage 3. *Invariably inferior forms. ——————– Quotation of the Day: “All writing betokens conceit — that one has something worthwhile to say. Writing philosophy betokens intellectual conceit — that one has something fresh to say about the human condition; writing poetry, emotional conceit — that one has sensitivities and sentiments worth sharing with strangers; and writing aphorisms, esthetic conceit — that one can say something worthwhile elegantly and entertainingly.” Thomas Szasz, The Untamed Tongue 65-66 (1990).
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