Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: rid/rid/rid.

rid/rid/rid. *”Ridded” is a variant form to be avoided — e.g.: o “The fish-eating public had a heyday the last time Williams and Badger were ridded [read ‘rid’] of non-game fish.” Rich Landers, “State Won’t Take Chance with Rotenone,” Spokesman-Rev. (Spokane), 21 Sept. 1995, at C1. o “When the night was over, Shaw had made $20 and had ridded [read ‘rid’] the world of one more TV set.” Paul Glader, “Bright Ones Bust the Boob Tube,” Indianapolis Star, 17 Apr. 1997, at A14. o “In one bold swoop Friday, the Yankees all but ridded [read ‘rid’] themselves of two players owner George Steinbrenner wanted no part of anymore.” “Vaughn to Yankees Done Deal,” Chicago Trib., 5 July 1997, Sports §, at 4. Language-Change Index — *”ridded” for “rid” as past tense and past participle: Stage 1. *Invariably inferior forms. ——————– Quotation of the Day: “The first preparation for writing . . . is the right kind of education, as much as you can get of it. Nor is it certain that the especial variety of education makes much difference, provided that it sinks in deep and really stirs the mind. . . . Enough study of language to give a sense of words and enough reading of good literature to get an ear for good expression, a sense of form, and a conception of what writing can do.” Henry Seidel Canby, Better Writing 23 (1926).
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