Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: registrate.

registrate. “Registrate” is an ill-conceived back-formation from “registration,” the verb “register” being standard — e.g.: o “Listeners can qualify by registrating [read ‘registering’] at various local sites.” “Tuned In,” York Daily Record, 10 May 1994, at 1. o “Those interested must apply and be interviewed before registrating [read ‘registering’] for the class.” “Hospice Training Scheduled,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 28 Feb. 1996, at M8. It is true, however, that “registrate” is correctly used when denoting the setting of pipe-organ stops. But this usage is rare outside the American Guild of Organists. Language-Change Index — “registrate” misused for “register”: Stage 1. ——————- Quotation of the Day: “It is notorious that compilers of textbooks seldom write well; probably because they see rules rather than thoughts as their pens glide over paper. The problem for the writer who proposes to be excellent is not rules: not what is unity, but what is his governing idea; not what is coherence, but what comes next; not what is emphasis, but what part of his own idea should be driven home last and hardest.” Henry Seidel Canby, Better Writing 69 (1926).
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