Response to Richard A. Posner

By: Bryan A. Garner, 5 September 2012 Hardly was I surprised that Judge Richard A. Posner did not warmly embrace Reading Law, the book on textualism I coauthored with Justice Antonin Scalia. But I was unduly sanguine in thinking that my friendship with Judge Posner (such as it is—we’ve shared several meals since the 1990s …

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Language-Change Index

Language-Change Index. The third edition of Garner’s Modern American Usage reflects several new practices. Invariably inferior forms, for example, are now marked with asterisks preceding the term or phrase, a marking common in linguistics. The most interesting new feature is the Language-Change Index. Its purpose is to measure how widely accepted various linguistic innovations have …

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2011 in Review

The Year 2011 in Language & Writing Bryan A. Garner* January Eight-thousand literature and language professors and scholars gathered in Los Angeles for the convention of the Modern Language Association of America. The recurrent subject during the week was the economy’s effect on humanities faculty and students. The association’s executive director, Rosemary Feal, lamented that …

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My first blog

Although I’ve been tweeting for some time, I skipped a step: the blogosphere. Don’t yet know how much I’ll do this, but I’ll try to say something interesting from time to time. BAG
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