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Highly acclaimed in its four print editions, Bryan A. Garner’s Garner’s Modern English Usage is now available on your mobile device. This extraordinary reference tool contains over 8,000 entries and essays that reflect usage lexicography at its finest. Designed with the mobile user in mind, the GMEU mobile app is searchable, eminently navigable, and fully citable.

GMEU is the liveliest and most compulsively readable reference work for writers of our time. It delights while providing instruction on skillful, persuasive, and vivid prose. Garner liberates English from two extremes: both from the hidebound “purists” who mistakenly believe that split infinitives and sentence-ending prepositions are malfeasances and from the linguistic relativists who believe that whatever people say or write must necessarily be accepted.

The judgments here are backed up not just by a lifetime of study but also by an empirical grounding in the largest linguistic corpora ever available. Garner has made extensive use of big data to include ratios of standard terms as compared against variants in modern print sources. No other resource provides as comprehensive, reliable, and empirical a guide to current English usage.

If you’re concerned with writing and editing, GMEU will prove invaluable to you. Garner illustrates with actual examples, cited with chapter and verse, all the linguistic blunders that modern writers and speakers are prone to, whether in word choice, syntax, phrasing, punctuation, or pronunciation. No matter how knowledgeable you may already be, you’re sure to learn from every single entry of this resource.


  • Easy-to-use search tools bring up words effortlessly.
  • Voice search finds what you’re looking for without having to type.
  • Text is citable.
  • Favorites feature to create a custom list of words.
  • Usage quizzes test your knowledge with questions written by Bryan Garner.

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