Garner’s Guidelines for Drafting & Editing Contracts, 2019

Garner’s Guidelines for Drafting & Editing Contracts, 2019

Garner's Guidelines for Drafting and Editing Contracts, 2019

(West Academic, 2019)

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Bryan A. Garner, the editor in chief of Black’s Law Dictionary, has long been the standard bearer not only for contract drafting but also for legislative drafting, rule drafting, brief-writing, and legal writing generally. With Garner’s Guidelines for Drafting & Editing Contracts, Garner draws on more than 30 years of experience in teaching contract drafting and consulting on contracts with companies throughout the English-speaking world. Its 150 sections explain, in blackletter principles, how to prepare contracts that are both precise and readable. The richly illustrated text is easy to follow, and Garner’s improvements on old-style drafting are immediately apparent. Never before has the field of contract drafting been so lucidly, elegantly, and thoroughly explained. And never before has a book on contracts been so interesting to read.

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