Black’s Law Dictionary, Deluxe unabridged 9th edition, 2009

Black’s Law Dictionary, Deluxe unabridged 9th edition, 2009

(West Group, Deluxe unabridged 9th edition, 2009)

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The most authoritative, comprehensive law dictionary ever published, Black’s is the world’s most-cited lawbook in judicial opinions. For more than a century, Black’s has been the gold standard for the language of law.

The ninth edition, containing over 45,000 terms, was reviewed by a distinguished panel of more than 200 critical readers—judges, law professors, and practitioners throughout the world. Over the past three editions, Bryan A. Garner, the world’s foremost legal lexicographer, and his team at LawProse have re-researched and rewritten the entire book since the sixth edition. This edition includes 2,000 more terms than the 8th edition and 19,000 more terms than the 7th edition. Black’s offers nearly 3,000 quotations drawn from sources over five centuries, plus a table of legal abbreviations, and an extensive collection of legal maxims.

This book is the definitive legal resource for lawyers, law students, and laypeople alike. Black’s is known for its clear and precise legal definitions, substantive accuracy, and stylistic clarity.

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