A Handbook of Family Law Terms

A Handbook of Family Law Terms

A Handbook of Family Law Terms

(West Group, 2000)

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More than 4,000 key words and phrases pack into this handy family-law focused paperback. With accurate, brief, and clear definitions with examples, this handbook is more comprehensive and accessible than any other glossary of domestic relations.

“Mr. Garner’s concept of family law is impressively broad. In addition to terms in familiar subjects like marriage, divorce, and children, this book includes words and phrases relating to decedents’ estates and trusts, abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency, and even a smattering of women’s rights and conflict of laws. The book is an essential tool for everyone working in or interested in family law.” — Professor Herma Hill Kay, University of California at Berkeley

“Finally there’s a work recognizing the dynamic and multifaceted field of family law. This glossary combines the simple with the complex, mirroring the changing social attitudes about families and the law. It’s a great work and a ‘must have’ for family law attorneys, as well as other professionals involved with family law.” — Sharon M. Braz, Certified Family Law Specialist, Oakland

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